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Trading Platform

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Commercial Platforms

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Do you wish a franchising?

Its easy. Send us yours proposal which we will altogether evaluate with respect to the position of your point of promotion, sale and distribution of our associated products. We will immediately answer with the necessary information that you will evaluate in detail.

What is the benefit of the edeemarket net?

edeemarket Place support you in any nation as  you can verify in the upper locations of commercial platforms. Possibility of promoting all our brands and products, and participate in the process of distribution of our agroindustrial raw materials in your local market.

edeemarket Place, puts at disposal as franchising edeemarket his portfolio of agricultural products and machinery dedicated to the food processing.


Effectiveness warranted by our managerial software totally interconnected.
Partecipating in the process of redistribution of usefulnesses planned in a determinate percent with the purpose to obtain a better commercial stability between the commercial net.
Commercial managerial support, with the purpose to show the progress of the worldwide market, by our News section of the agroalimentary exclusive sector for every Franchising.

All our franchising and partners make use of a corporate legal and tributary advice.