Industrial Consulting

edeemarket support your enterprise, planning investments in the agroindustrial market, for the industrial installation (food processing) or for the industrial renewal. For this aim, we and planned developed the following sectors:

  • Study of advice strategic for investments in industrial toward the transformation of the fruit.
  • Improvements of installations and renewal of machinery, expansion of the yield.
  • Packaging, new technology.
  • Financial supporty for the purchase of grounds for the production of the little, average and big agroindustrial industry.
  • Complete industrial projects, "turnkey".
  • Studies of financial feasibility, economic.
  • Industrial marketing.
  • Factor advice risk countries.
  • Industrial and craftmade proposals for the production and the transformation of: citrus, olives, vineyards, tomatoes, tropical fruit.
  • Bottler machinery for juices and drinks.
  • Agricultural technical advice and local agronomists.
  • Automated storage.
  • Post-selling advice.

 We bring to your countries the best European technology, which will definitely
optimize the yield of your production.

                  Advice for our partnership enterprises in our technological portfolio.


Technological Portfolio

Industrial plans and machinery for the production of:

  • wines
  • drinks and juices
  • pasta
  • olive oil
  • pesto
  • flours
  • sauces
  • tropical fruit


  •  Silos for rice
  •  Silos for flours

Machinery for:

  •  Flours
  •  Coffee (roasters)
  •  Bottlers
  •  Packaging

Projects & build

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Food Machines