Product Marketing


It’s an area of our company oriented to products of the average and little enterprise to implement the business position of the brand in the worldwide market.

Because your products are important and we want to do part of your "know-how", your philosophy, the passion you put in the improvement, we want to offer to your enterprise all our knowledge in matter. We engage to follow your products since the production up to the marketing in the market.

The market it is not only supply and demand, it is also passion and taste always turned out to reach better resutls. For this the products need an innovative marketing plam; putting beside the philosophy of your enterprise to introduce it in aimed and detailed new markets way.

The target is to find the right channel of distribution and competitive prices in the worldwide market; we study a custom-made marketing strategy for every product which associatesd to  edeemarket Place.

We are really interested that your products is visible and obtains a right position and the right recognition in the markets in a best way.

We rely on our direction of corporative image which recommends all our brands associated to the commercial channel edeemarket Place.

Associate your enterprise to edeemarket Place and obtain a correct market position for your products in the various commercial platforms of edeemarket Place . In every part of the world, where our Commercial Platforms are present, your products will be positioned in the correct distribution zone. Every worldwide market requires a particular marketing, a penetration of special market. Rely on edeemarket, we are the vanguard of the worldwide marketing!