Commercial Agents

exportimportdefFor the Commerce agents with portfolio of customers collaborating with edeemarket produces some gains our net guarantees for your commercial visibility.
Furthermore we give the possibility of promoting also the edeemarket products in your influence area.

Food Machines & food processing


Through our net we guarantee visibility of your products in any geographic zone where finds a point of sales of suitable edeemarket Place in our map Commercial Platforms. We will be able to commercialize your products in the best and most active worldwide markets (our markets).

The edeemarket  agents, have at disposal edeepass of  edeemarket Place. With this pass you will be connected to all our distribution platforms in realtime and audit the marketing state of your products. You wiill be able similarly to interact with any of our on line commercial platforms or in realtime video conference.

Send your data and associated to edeemarket Place  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it