edeemarket, with his powerful managerial system, puts his exports in a shop window, not only virtually but also physically for means of our commercial platforms totally connected.

Our outlets connect agents, distributors, importers and edeemarket-franchising seats. Your products will concurrently be present and visible in all our outlets (our markets).

Joining to the edeemarket Place net allows to obtain the edeepass, the possibility to enter ours managerial software in realtime and audit the situation of the products.
Interact on line, also with conference display, with all the edeemarket offices in the most important points in our worldwide plan. We are present in America, Europe and soon in China and Japan.

Being a global edeemarket Place exporter-partner to make part of a group of professionals who every day not only searches realize deals is important, but partnerships realize a collaboration with the seriousness what rule improves commercial.

Your exports are followed in all the process, we put all our services and commercial departments at disposal for the distribution of the products.  
edeemarket associates with enterprises distributors which guarantee the portfolio customers.
We have a vision and a long term compromise.

We wish to give a hearty welcome by our  edeemarket Place.

Tell us which is your product to be exported and we will propose some aimed plan businesses.

Our exporters will always be visible

Through our commercial platforms put in the most active markets of the world, your enterprise will have an excellent shop window for a better and more active marketing of the products.

Helped by our commercial platforms and our managerial software (edeepass) your enterprise will be contacted soon by the nearest Platform Franchising through our commercial agents.

We changed the way to deal, we bring your enterprise to commercialize in the worldwide market. The many enterprises associated to edeemarket with the purpose to reduce the economic investment aimed at the penetration of the markets.
All of our agents and franchising edeemarket Place have the task to submit the best strategy for the marketing of your products which will be able to be realtime followed for means of our managerial edeepass or to interact in video conference with any sale point with respect to your hourly time zone.

edeepass and the managerial software, will be put at disposal to your enterprise soon after the contractual phase with an adequate training. By an access code you will be able to access to various present markets to visualize the commercial progress of your products present on our commercial edeemarket Place platforms.

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